Novecia Morocco
42, Av. la résistance, Océan, Rabat, 10040, MOROCCO
Novecia Morocco

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We offer a broad range of materials adapted to your sealing, insulation, gasketing and other industry-specific applications. Our products come in a variety of thicknesses and forms, including moulded and extruded parts, tapes, rolls and die-cut parts, with or without adhesive.

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We offer a variety of high-value protective products to suit your needs. Talk to your technical advisor for help in finding the best solution for you

Download our Cover cart brochure for agro-food indutry.

Cover cart Brochure(frensh version)

Download our lining box brochure for agro-food indutry.

Lining box Brochure(frensh version)

Download our Protective sleeve brochure for agro-food indutry.

Protective sleeve Brochure(frensh version)

Download our Porcelain brochure for home arts.

Porcelain Brochure(frensh version)