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About us

Since our foundation, we have experienced exceptional growth that has allowed us to continue expanding our market reach. With facilities in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, we are well positioned to ensure our customers.

Our expertise is tailored to meet our customers' gasketing, insulation, soundproofing, sealing, filtration and other related needs. We regularly update and adapt our wide range of products and services to accommodate our customers' ever-changing development requirements.

We believe our success is driven by our staff's commitment to excellence. Our outstanding team is made up of flexible, highly skilled and dedicated individuals.

Our know-how

Customers recognize and rely on our expertise in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace & Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Building
  • Furniture industry
  • Marine
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Glass Industry
  • Other markets

Our cutting, laminating, and extruding, processes can be tailored to any application, simple or complex, that requires materials certified compliant with applicable sector specifications.

Our skills

Our team's strength lies in its unwavering commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and in its core values that guide all decisions and activities.

Our constant attention to detail and dedication to ongoing improvement are guided by a passion for excellence and a desire to ensure that our products and services exceed customer expectations.

Our flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to changes and to stay on the cutting edge of trends, thereby enabling our customers to become leaders in their market.

Our determination and ability to fulfill our commitments ensures that customers receive highly reliable products and services.

Our straightforward and professional management approach ensures that our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and partners are based on trust and loyalty.

Our commitment

  • Products of equal and constant quality at competitive prices
  • Quick and efficient customer and after-sales service
  • Continuously improved ways of doing what we do best
  • Solutions above and beyond our customers' expectations